April 19, 2008

essen, fressen, nicht vergessen...

Here's the deal:
I love cooking, and I love baking. I love doing both these things for other people. My boyfriend is a distance runner and eats a lot, so I always have someone to test new things out on. Plus, I love to eat, so that helps, too! This is why I've decided to make a food blog.
I plan to chronicle the new things I cook or bake, as well as my old favourites.
The original name of this blog was "essen, fressen, nicht vergessen..." This was a phrase my grandfather used with my mother, when she was young, and which she used with me, when I was young. It's really a nonsense phrase. If you wanted to translate it, it would be something like "eat, eat, do not forget," however, "fressen" is the verb "to eat" ascribed to animals.
I've since changed the name to Cathlin cooks... and bakes! or Cathlin cooks... but mostly bakes. Cathlin cooks, for short.
This is where I'll be posting photos, recipes and commentary on the food I make from now on. Some food is directly from recipes, but you'll find that many of my recipes stray, or that I've made them up myself!

Enjoy, and guten Appetit!

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