May 27, 2008

Staples: pasta primavera

One of Anders' and my staples is pasta primavera. It's great because we both love vegetables, so despite the fact that there's no meat in it for Anders, we both really enjoy it. I also have severe emetophobia and eating light is one of the few things that helps keep me sane. And, besides the time it takes to cut and clean the vegetables, it's a really simple dish.

To begin, cook some pasta. Shock it when it's done so it doesn't continue to cook and let it sit until you're ready for it.
Next, choose a whole whack of vegetables you like.

These are the ones we usually use:

Rinse them and chop them up, pretty much however you want:

In this instance, I cut the peppers into strips, julienned the carrots, halved the green beans, quartered the mushrooms, and cut the broccoli and cauliflower into bite-sized fleurettes.

Pour a generous amount of olive oil into the pan, and crush some garlic into it:

I threw some Italian seasoning into the pan, too, but I don't, usually.

Put the vegetables in and toss them to coat in oil:

Let them cook for a while. I usually let them go until they brown a little:

If it's taking a long time, put a lid over the pan the let the vegetables steam.

Once the vegetables are cooked (tender but crisp), throw in the cooked pasta and toss it all together:

Guten Appetit!


Michele said...

I followed your link from P.W.'s site. I always like to check out other food blogs. I was curious about your info on emetophobia. My daughter is nine and has been really worried about this for years. I am wondering how many more people out there have this condition.

Cathlin said...

Hi Michelle,
It's a surprisingly common phobia, but one that is often confused with other psychological illness, such as anorexia nervosa.
I'm not sure if you're a member on Livejournal, but I'm part of a great community there full of great people who not only offer support to other emetophobes, but also loved ones of emetophobes.
If you'd like more information on emetophobia, I would suggest taking a look at or speaking with a phobia counselor in your area.
If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask! I'm all about spreading the awareness of emetophobia.