February 19, 2009

Still here

I promise you I am here. And I am baking and I am really wanting to update my blog, but my computer was reformatted a while ago and I don't currently have an image programme to fix my photos so that I can post them.
But they will be up soon and there will be an abundance of delicious things for everyone to bake and get fat from. Mmm!!


Unknown said...

Hi Cathlin, I was trying out your Peach cupcakes recipe & I noticed you didn't use eggs for the recipe so I was wondering if this is a for vegan. Also how do you keep your cupcakes so full & fluffy after taking them out of the oven? Mine was puffy in the oven but they lost that puffiness once I take them out.

Cathlin said...

Hi Thao! The recipe IS a vegan recipe, because the original comes from a vegetarian cook book. I'm not vegan myself, but I love the recipe so I keep using it.
A few things could have happened with your cupcakes. 1) Did you put the vinegar in? Some people find it kind of strange, so they don't do it, but it's the vinegar that makes these cupcakes fluffy. It reacts with the baking soda to put some air into the batter. So if you skipped the vinegar, that could be why.
2) You may have not baked them for long enough. This happens to me some times when I'm baking a new recipe for the first time. They'll look done in the oven, but if they haven't been in long enough they will deflate. You should check your cupcakes with a toothpick (stick it into a cupcake in the middle and if there is batter on the toothpick, they're not done) and adjust your baking time accordingly.
3) You may have mixed too much. Both cupcakes and muffins are finicky with how much mixing they get - if you do it too much they either won't rise at all or they'll deflate. Generally they only need to be mixed just until all the dry ingredients are wet.

I hope that helps next time!

Steveuk said...

Hi Cathlin, I'm keen amateur cook and
look forward to trying out a recipe or two.I really wanted to mention your photos and say how well you've
captured the food.The colours of the cupcakes SHOUT at you.I could go on and on truly amazing!