October 19, 2008

Always excuses...

My greatest hope and wish was that I would be able to bake at least one thing each weekend and post it... and I've been able to attain half that!
I have been baking... several weeks ago I made cinnamon buns, and the weekend after that I made chocolate chip cupcakes, and last weekend, for Thanksgiving, I made two pumpkin pies, a pumpkin roulade cake and gingersnaps!
But here's the problem: I have no exams this semester, which means that all my marks are based on term work, which means I'm up to my ears in term work, which means even when I do get time to bake my photos sit on my camera, and my edited recipes stay magneted (totally not a word, what good is university?!) to the refrigerator and I never seem to get around to posting them! This is not the ideal situation.
What I'm hoping (that phrase sounds oddly familiar...) is that I can post something some time this week. There's a back log and I need to deal with it. Plus I love sharing... and I love getting nice comments from strangers, too. It's good for my ego some times.

So, if you wanted to take a main point from this whole spiel (there's some German for you), it's this: I'm so busy I hardly have time to eat three normal meals a day, let alone post about what I'm making. But it will happen! Probably when I feel really rebellious one day soon and decide to put off work... and then later I'll look at the work again and cry because I shouldn't have put it off. But it will be worth it to see something new on this darned blog!

By the way, I totally didn't even mean to post just because it was an entire MONTH since my last post... but it worked out that way. Geeeeez...

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