August 12, 2009


Hello friends, devoted readers, and visitors. I've just changed the layout of CCbmB and I've also changed the format of my posts. Not much has changed in the layout itself, but the format of the posts has changed. To read more about it...
I just wanted to change things around so that my front page wasn't bogged down with long posts, full of my process photos. This way, I'll have an introduction photo of the finished product on the front page, and the rest of the post, including process photos, commentary and recipes will appear after the link labelled "Continue reading..." I hope this makes the navigation and viewing of my CCbmB easier and more enjoyable for everyone!

As for what's going on with me right now, I'm still unemployed and thus unable to really buy too many extra groceries to be used in baking. Plus I don't have a 6'1" distance runner boyfriend in the apartment at the moment to share them with. None of that, of course, has stopped me from taking The Wilton Method of Decorating Course 1. So I will be updating the world on my progress in the class, as I currently have no decorating skill.
And with September comes more money (hopefully) and the return of the aforementioned boyfriend, so my posts should be more regular and more interesting (hopefully).

Thanks for keeping up with me and my fun in the kitchen!

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